"Via creating kite gear and community dedicated to women only, we empower you to thrive in every kite session."





Our mission at BIG BLUE Boards is to create gear and community that empowers you to feel confident in the water and progress faster.


Our vision is to look out to sea and watch hundreds of fearless women shredding together, cheering each other up and pushing each other to the next level.



...Empowering women to thrive in every kite session.



As ladies, we are generally lighter, shorter and have smaller feet than men, so in order to achieve the same level of riding comfort, we have adjusted the technical parameters such as stiffness, weight, the outline of the board or size of bindings.



Our boards will provide you with the boost you need to progress faster and have the performance of your life.



Meet The Team


the founder

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Hi Ladies!

I'm Barb, the BIG BLUE Boards founder, water sports lover, and female and ocean warrior.


We, women, we don´t have the luxury of tearing each other down. Our job as women is to lift each other up.


"I love to see the kite community of confident joyful women growing into the strong sisterhood."



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Hi Girls!

I´m Nathalie, landlocked saltwater soul, and board sports lover.


The best feeling is the mix of lightness, freedom, and tiredness after a good kite session. 

"I love to help more girls to get into kitesurfing or give them a good feeling on the board."



sales manager

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 Hey Chicks,

I'm Fleur. I'm a mountain and ocean addict as well as an extreme sports junkie.

I am obsessed with watching women smash through their goals and reach their full potential.

"I love surrounding myself with positivity and an awesome community of women." 

Contact us Sistas!

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